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Why are onion exports continuing in substantial volumes despite an export duty of 40%?


The import export data in India shows that the trade of onions in India is in the spotlight they have imposed a 40% export duty on onions which is also a measure to control increasing retail prices.

This move has started debates and protests with industry players raising concerns about the lack of a constant minimum price for calculating export tariffs.

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In this blog we will explore the factors contributing to the persistence of substantial onion exports despite the hefty export duty.

Appeal for a Minimum Price

The onion trade sector has made a strong appeal to the government requesting the establishment of a minimum price for calculating export duty on onions.

This appeal grows from the need to keep equality for all stakeholders in the onion export industry. This request is especially because of recent bans and restrictions on wheat and rice exports which had bad effects on business operations.

As per the latest news Ajit Shah The President of the Horticulture Produce Exporters’ Association (HPEA)has shown interst in the establishment of a constant minimum price.

He also expressed his concerns that without a clear floor price there will be an unfair advantage for specific ports and stakeholders. Such a disparity in pricing could lead to great benefits within the industry favoring some players over others.

The Impact on the Exporters

The onion export duty and some previous bans and restrictions on wheat and rice have given a challenge to businesses in India.

The ban on non-basmati rice exports for instance resulted in the accumulation of unsold stocks at ports. This not only causes financial losses for the exporters but also disrupts the supply chain.

These restrictions have led to lower business opportunities and reduced revenue for the sector. The unstable export environment has forced businesses to reconsider their strategies and face increased uncertainties.

Onion Farmers’ Protests

In the middle of these discussions and debates onion farmers in Nashik India’s largest onion growing region have voiced their thoughts by closing markets in protest of the export duty.

These farmers have faced losses due to lower onion prices over an extended period. Many are still waiting for the government to fulfill its promise of providing subsidies to compensate for their financial setbacks.


The 40% export duty on onions in India has raised a lot of concerns within the onion trade sector. The absence of a uniform minimum price calculation has led to debates and protests among industry players.

While the government’s intention to stabilize domestic food prices is understandable, it is crucial to strike a balance that ensures fairness and equity for all stakeholders. As India continues to grapple with the complex issue of onion exports, a transparent and standardized pricing mechanism remains essential to address the persistent challenges in the agricultural export sector.