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China was top finished steel exporter to India in April-Sept: Govt Data


In the changing world of import export business world the import and export of steel products play a crucial role.

Recent import export data has shown that China has become a leading exporter of finished steel in India in the first half of this fiscal year i.e from April to September.

The development has some serious implications for both countries and the global steel market.

If you are someone who want to explore the reasons behind China’s top position.

In this blog we will look at some details of global import export data and details about how china was top finished steel exporter to India in April-Sept: Govt Data

The Increase in Chinese Steel Exports to India

According to import export data given by the government China’s exports of finished steel to India saw a growth during the first six months of the .

This increase in exports made China one of the India’s top supplier Of finished steel during the period.

The numbers shown by the import export data paint a clear picture of the extent of this development,with Chinese steel imports to India rising substantially.

The data shows that China sent a lot more steel to India from April to September. It’s like China became the number one store for steel products that India needed. Here’s what we found:

A Big Increase: China sold about 0.9 million tons of steel to India during this time, which is 55% more than last year.

Different Types of Steel: China, which makes more steel than any other country, sent many different types of steel products to India, like flat sheets, pipes, and more.

Reasons Behind China’s Dominance

Several factors contribute to China’s rise as India’s leading finished steel supplier:

1.Price: Chinese steel products are often more competitively priced than those from other countries.

The cost of Chinese steel makes it an attractive option for Indian buyers specially in a price sensitive market.

2. Quality Assurance: Chinese steel manufacturers have made large investments in improving the quality of their steel products.

This enhanced quality assurance has further their position in the Indian market.

3. Infrastructure Development: India’s fast infrastructure development demands a constant supply of steel.

China have the ability to meet the demand promptly has allowed it to establish itself as a reliable supplier.

Impact on the Indian Steel Industry

While China’s dominance in India’s steel market has its advantages, it also poses some challenges to the Indian steel industry:

1. Competitive Pressure: The quality of chinese steel can give tough competition for domestic steel producers. This can result in reduced pricing power for Indian manufacturers.

2. Quality Concerns: While Chinese steel has improved in quality, concerns about product quality persist. To remain competitive, Indian steel producers must maintain stringent quality standards.

3. Reduced Production: An increase in steel imports can decrease in domestic steel production. This can also affect the employment and economic growth.


The data tells us that India should find a balance so that they can have domestic production of steel and it grows it’s economy . If you wish to learn more about trade related news then visit Siomex the best import export data provider